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Sweeter with Time: Timeless Wisdom and Enduring Love Found in Marrying Your Childhood Sweetheart

Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast

Episode #1 with Jamie Miller

marrying your childhood sweetheart
Jamie and her Husband Adam when they first fell in love

Today I chat with my dear friend Jamie Miller who married her childhood sweetheart. They met and started liking each other when they were 10 and 11! We talk about the idea of happily ever after and the “cinderella syndrome”.  She gives us wisdom on how she and her hubby have navigated their changing seasons of life throughout their changing relationship. She talks about how neither one of them is the same person. What it’s been like from like to love to married, from childhood to teen-age and then adulthood and how God has enriched and been the solid foundation of their marriage. 

How do I communicate with my Spouse?

Jamie talks about always communicating with kindness. This is so key. If you are going to say it unkind then maybe take a minute to pray about where your heart is at before you articulate what’s on your mind.

Is it ok that my spouse and I are different people than we were when we got married?

Yes! It’s absolutely ok. Jamie and Adam started their relationship at 10 and 11. 33 years together and 23 years married they are both very different people than they were when they met or when they got married. Don’t be alarmed or use changes to excuse a lack of grace. This is why it’s important to stay connected with each other and continue to do life together.

I can agree with Jamie on this that my hubby and I have changed in various ways over the years but we did it together.

Don’t look back and lament, celebrate who you are as a couple now!

What is the Cinderella syndrome?

It’s the idea that to be happy in your marriage you expect your spouse to “keep” you happy all the time, like a Princess. Sadly this is a reason people leave their marriages, because they feel the other person is making them happy.

Jamie and I talk about the realities of marriage and a true friendship with your spouse. They deserve to be served as well. Your focus should not be on your own happiness but on the happiness of your spouse. A Marriage is a covenant made before God between two people to choose each other everyday no matter the circumstances. A happy marriage comes when you are both joyfully focused on serving each other.

marrying your childhood sweetheart
Jamie and her Husband Adam recently

What does a happy marriage require?

God! The way God lays out marriage in the Bible is how He designed it to be it’s no wonder it works when you apply it to your own marriage. When both you and your spouse are in a relationship with God and are pursuing marriage like the Bible teaches you will lay a foundation solid enough to stand on. Pray together and seek God’s best for your marriage together.

Grace, grace, grace, grace…..well you get the idea. Jamie talks about how important it is to value your spouses perspective even if it’s different than yours. When your spouse feels your grace it will communicate love and selflessness.

Truly listening to the other person and not worrying about being right. You are on the same team!

Marrying your childhood sweetheart
Jamie and I right after we finished the Podcast

Wrapping it up

This just touches on some of the topics we discuss, and the wisdom she shares from Marrying her childhood sweetheart. You can watch the video on my Youtube Channel either embedded above or click here “Married Rogers Neighborhood”. You can Listen to the podcast wherever Podcasts are available Apple , Anchor , “>Spotify , Google Podcasts

Jamie also composed and performed my music which I absolutely love! If you are interested in her singing and songwriting skills you can reach out to me via social media and I can share her official information.

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