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Why I do Words of the Year instead of New Years Resolutions

Episode #75- How I pick the word, what I do with it and what it’s taught me

Why I Do Words of the Year instead of New Years Resolutions?

Today is December 29 with a couple days left of 2023 and this being the last episode of season 3.  One thing I have been doing for the last few years at the start of The New Year is a word of the year. 

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Before I get to telling you what this years word is I thought I’d talk about previous years, it may be the same or different than how you do it or how you’ve seen it done. For me it’s about what God wants to teach me not about what I want to “manifest” in the coming year or some mantra that keeps me going. 

Why I Do words of the year instead of New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions aren’t bad

New years resolutions aren’t bad, though I can’t say I’ve ever pledged one that has continued through the year. Have you? I think the idea of it is so nice, starting fresh with hope to make better habits. Years ago when I was pondering what mine would be as New Years Eve quickly approached. I wanted it to be meaningful. I felt God whisper to my heart, “Everyday is New Years with Me”. It’s just what my heart needed to be reminded of.

It’s not that I didn’t already grasp this concept. It just breathed some fresh grace into my heart that God is always working on my heart and in my head to help me grasp just how wide, and deep and high His love is. He is patiently waiting for me to ask Him to help me with my hang ups and habits.

Enter Word of the Year

When I started, it was the year where I went off of social media and was preparing for my podcast and blog. I asked God what He wanted to teach me. This word came up in my heart and in my head. God made it really clear. Still. It seemed appropriate for a year of preparation. Each year after God continued to give me a word, sometimes surprising and even scary. Here are the Words I’ve done since I started, you can listen to the Podcast to hear what I learned about each one:

  • 2019-Still
  • 2020-Slow (Go Figure)
  • 2021-Immediate Obedience
  • 2022-Humility
  • 2023-Grace
How and what I do

Getting the word  

  • Ask God to show me what He wants me to learn note:It’s going to be a word that incites a practice or discipline, something that I can learn more about by reading my Bible and praying more

What I do with it

  • I pray often for God to teach me what it means, to show me what He wants me to learn
  • As I read God’s Word I’m looking for the actual word. For it acted out throughout the history of the Bible. I underline or highlight and make notes when necessary in the margin (Now as I read through my Bible I’m reminded of these precious lessons)
  • I look for it in the positive or negative and often pray for opportunities to practice it in my days 
  • If I need repentance I try to have a humble and willing heart
  • I journal about it, what I’m thinking. What I’m learning and what is hard about it.

The Benefits 

  • I’ve learned more about God’s character and how it pertains to my daily life
  • I’ve learned more about His Word and why it says what it says
  • I’ve gained some understanding of the word and am more cognitive to God continuing to teach me things about it in daily life, even after that year is up
  • It changes my perspective most often 

What doesn’t do

  • Make me an expert on that word or discipline 
  • Change my circumstances (manifesting)
  • Predict what will happen in the coming year or years 
The Bottom line

Does this mean you can’t also do a New Years resolution? No. This just gave me some freedom to focus on something God could change in me vs me trying to change myself and get discouraged in the process. I pray this has encouraged you and given you something you could pray about doing that would do the same for you!

The End of season 3

Season 3 is officially wrapped and I’m so grateful! Thank you for listening, sharing and encouraging me too! Look out for Season 4 to air on April 26 2024.

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