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What is the Purpose of Covenant Marriage?

Episode 24- Why is Marriage a Covenant Relationship? What does it mean, and why you should know-with Nicole Hebbard

What is the purpose of Covenant Marriage? The word covenant is not often used in our modern vocabulary, and yet I believe it is an important concept to grasp. Which is why today I’m interviewing my sweet friend Nicole.

What is the Covenant of marriage? Our topic on todays Podcast

Who is Nicole Hebbard?

Nicole has been a dear family friend and mentor for many years. When I first got to know her she had only been married a short time and was pregnant with her first son. Our families found lots of commonality in both our faith and how we viewed life.

Even though I wasn’t even a teenager yet, I had marriage on the brain. Let’s be real I’ve been thinking about it as long as I can remember. Being observant of marriages, I always took note of things I liked about certain marriages and things I didn’t. I often talked to God about what I wanted in a spouse and was so very excited for the time to come for me to get married.

It was obvious right away that Nicole talked different about marriage than most young married ladies. She was so positive about it, and she talked often about how God was the center of it. I took note that this was the type of marriage I was interested in.

She has now been married for 30 years and is a Mom and Grandmother. She is still as enthusiastic about her marriage and relationship with God as she ever was, in fact she goes on to tell us it runs even deeper.

What the Heck is “The Covenant of Marriage”?

In the most simple term the covenant marriage definition is: Agreement. Which at first glance doesn’t differ too much from societies view of marriage.

What is the Biblical Covenant of Marriage? In the Bible this term meant a lot more:

Within the gospel, a covenant means a sacred agreement or mutual promise between God and a person or a group of people. In making a covenant, God promises a blessing for obedience to particular commandments. He sets the terms of His covenants, and He reveals these terms to His prophets.

You can listen and watch here, all about how my hubby and I felt about marriage 19 years later

God created marriage to mirror His rescue plan for humanity. As believers when we enter into marriage it is an agreement with each other and with God. Which is serious business.

The importance you place on this covenant should not be taken lightly, breaking it also means breaking an agreement with God. In the same breath, the value and intentionality you place behind it is a sweet act of love and sacrifice not just to your spouse, but to God also.

How do we live out

Nicole shares some great wisdom in the Episode about being intentional and the fruit it yields. Your marriage ought to be your first ministry, and pouring into it is an act of worship to God. She dives into the purpose of covenant marriage and how it mirrors the Trinity in such a beautiful way!

Of course this concept and your view of it when you are first married only grows as you walk through years, the good and the hard. It can not be rushed. Just like our growing relationship with the Lord.

She tells how what this looks like has shifted over the years, and gives some great tips on how you can start making your marriage a priority.

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