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Unleashing the Power of Teamwork in Marriage Ministry and Life

Episode #60-A Dynamic Duo’s Guide to a Successful God centered Marriage with Special Guest Deborah Swanson, Married 36 Years

Podcast Episode #60: Deborah Swanson, a special guest married for 36 years, shares insights on harnessing the power of teamwork in ministry and life, for a successful and fulfilling marriage.

A unique Marriage perspective

Unleashing the Power of Teamwork in Ministry and Life: A Dynamic Duo’s Guide to a Successful Marriage. Identifying healthy and non healthy habits.

Safe to say that most people believe it would be near impossible to work alongside their spouse. Yet, my guest Deborah Swanson has been married for 36 years and loves working alongside her hubby Dennis. This Dynamic duo also serves in ministry together which they highly recommend!

Deborah is a Jesus follower, Wife, Mother and Author. She is a Real House Wife in the Kingdom of God and today she shares her heart and perspective.

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Deborah Swanson and her husband, a loving couple married for 36 years, smiling together and embodying the power of teamwork in ministry and life.

Marriage Habits and why they matter

Deborah gives us a peek at what Marriage habits have made working together and serving the Lord in Ministry together a team effort! Habits can make or break a marriage which is why it’s so important to gain perspective from God’s Word, your spouse and those around you who have gone before you or have found sweet ways to cultivate a fulfilling God honoring marriage!

“Marriage Comes First, Ministry can’t take away from Marriage”.

Deborah Swanson
Deborah Swanson and Dennis, their faithful canine companion, sharing joy and togetherness in their 36-year marriage, forming a heartwarming trio in ministry and life.

Resources Talked about in the Episode

Experiencing God Bible Study

What if it’s True

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