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Traveling around beautiful America with your spouse- US Road Trip Adventures

Is Traveling around beautiful America, with your spouse and loving it possible? It has been one of the greatest joys of our lives!

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties, above thy fruited plain,  America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

Beale at sunset with the neon lights glowing was a warm welcome to this iconic place as we were traveling around beauitful America
This is Beale Street in Memphis, it was so lovely we couldn’t help by capture it

My love affair with my Country

I am an American. It may sound cliché but I truly love my Country.  I appreciate the hard work our founding fathers did to begin the freedom I now have, as well as those who have fought and given their lives to secure these freedoms I enjoy as an American citizen.  

My love of this sweet land of liberty also stems from having traveled through it, extensively. Not just by plane or train, but by automobile as well.  My hubby and I have adventured across the good ol’ US of A, in an RV with our dear friends (we helped them by making and selling cutting boards at craft fairs), as well as touring the country in a large van or sometimes a 20 foot Penske truck while working in various acrobatic shows over many years.  We’ve truly enjoyed traveling around beautiful America, from “sea to shining sea”  and were Blessed to do it mostly together.

The statue of liberty standing tall in New York Harbor, a top moment  while traveling around beautiful America
Lady Liberty herself taken while visiting New York

We’ve seen and experienced so much diversity when Traveling around beautiful America

I love how we’ve visited the major cities like New York, Seattle, Dallas and San Fransisco just to name a few, additionally we’ve enjoyed small town America. My hubby and I have driven through, dined and wined, ventured beyond the hotel we might stay in for the night and tried to get a bit of local flavor, even  if just for a moment.  

Photos of the road from Utah while Traveling around beautiful America
Beautiful rock formations

Caves have been explored, we’ve been through bayous, oceans, rivers and lakes. Seen national monuments, museums, antique stores. Quaint local exhibits lovingly cared for through time, and proudly exhibited.

Little towns you’ve never heard of but remind you of Mayberry. Amish country, with signs to watch for crossing buggies.

The History of our Country

Civil war battle fields all dreamy in the morning mist. Your soul can just feel the blood, sweat and tears so many gave, so much if not everything for.

We’ve drank a beer in a bar, which was once a church. My great Grandmother (many generations past) built for the sailors during the time period we became a country.

civil war battle fields all dreamy in the morning mist where your soul can just feel the blood, sweat and tears so many gave, so much if not everything for. One of my favorites while traveling around beautiful America
Civil War Battle field in Virginia

We have eaten food I just dream of eating again and food I wished I hadn’t. Inspiration has been felt by the American spirit of ingenuity at local breweries and wineries. Dining in taverns early giants of our country frequented are some of my favorite experiences!

Williamsburg Virginia is one of the first communities of this great country we saw while traveling around beautiful America
Williamsburg Virginia

Our adventures traveling around beautiful America we have experienced natural phenomenons. Aurora borealis and red tide (including the phosphorescent glow visible only at night). Extreme heat and mind blowing cold, snow, blizzards, torrential rains. Tornado warnings, hail the size of baseballs, and lightning showers striking the ground all around us, Drinking in Serene sunsets we’ll not soon forget. 

 this is one of the sunsets we’ll not soon forget over Oklahoma while traveling around beautiful America
Sunset in Oklahoma from the inside of the truck, bug guts on the windshield and all. Still a beautiful view
The great Mississippi River getting close and personal while Traveling around beautiful America
My hubby and me on the Mississippi River

Real life critters have crossed our path

American eagles, bison and bunnies. Mountain lions, fox and deer. Fireflies, bears and caribou, unfortunately no moose to speak of, more on that later. 

Our drives have taken us from north west to Alaska (yes, we drove there on the Al-Can)while traveling around beautiful America
On the Al-Can

From Sea to Shining Sea

We have driven from the north west to Alaska, on the Al-Can. As far north and east of Maine, and along the most southern portion of the US from California to Florida. Sometimes driving days for a one night show and multiple days without sleep. Flying on the wings of the dawn, we defied time, getting every extra bit of the “Aloha” spirit in Hawaii.

Stormy skies over Colorado with rays of sunlight poking through give for an epic view while traveling around beautiful America
Stormy clouds with rays of sunshine poking through over colorful Colorado

Accommodations have varied

Our accommodations have run the gamut, 5 star fancy hotels, where some of our rooms were bigger than our house with dreamy city views.

Sticky floored Motels where we opted to keep our shoes on. Sometimes you couldn’t quite put your finger on that smell.

The Colorado Rockies are breathtaking, the cliffs of the gorge diving into the water below as the sun peeks through on our American Adventures
Driving through the Rockies in Colorado is one of our favorites

In the process of traveling around beautiful America we’ve experienced all four seasons. Seeing the spacious skies and amber waves of grain. Driven through the purple mountains awing at their majesty as they sit above the fruited plains. 

This is my country the land that I love. I give you a love story of sorts, a collection of sometimes sordid, real life tales. A crazy married couple, madly in love who actually like working and being together. Follow us from Sea to Shining Sea.

The East Coast Fall colors in upstate New York are a favorite of ours from our American Adventures
The fall colors in Upstate New York

I will gradually post stories under the “Travel” category. Look for “US Road Trip Adventures” along with the title of the story.   I hope you enjoy seeing the beautiful diverse USA through my eyes. 

Mount Rushmore is one of the most celebrated and breathtaking national monuments from our American Adventures
Mount Rushmore

God Bless America, my home sweet home.

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