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The Heart of a Mother, and journey through adoption

Episode #39-The Heart of Adoption, when God calls you out on the water and you take that step-with my sister Savannah

The Heart of a Mother and journey through adoption

Momma Heart

The Heart of a Mother and journey through adoption.

For as long as I can remember my sister Savannah loved babies. When she met her hubby God put on both of their hearts to not put God in a box concerning the size of their family. Shortly after their 3rd child was born they had a discussion about adoption and decided to commit to praying for God’s timing.

They openly talked and prayed with their kids about the possibility of bringing another sibling into their home through adoption. As well as being around multiple family and friends who had gone through the process.

For a time they were in a busy season with a downtown baby boutique, they knew it was not the right time. Then the whole world changed and God made it evident it was time for them to move out of state and close their business.

They landed in a beautiful spot with lots of room for the kids to run free and grow, they settled into the slower paced life and continue to pray. By this point they had 5 children.

God’s Call

In Spring of 2021 God brought adoption to the forefront of their minds through a sermon at church. They fasted and prayed and God made it very clear it was time, and they said yes!

The very next day they were flooded with texts from cousins of ours who were talking about a baby in our family who needed a safe home, they were just trying to locate her. It’s so cool how God works. When you say yes and He moves so quickly it is such confirmation of traveling in the right direction.

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.”

Romans 8:15 NKJV

After many sleepless nights on their knees in prayer she was found. They moved forward with everything that needed to be done, which included more waiting and so much prayer. Prior to meeting her one day in church, Savannah’s Momma heart was overcome with emotion and a feeling she was missing a child. “It was surreal”, she said. She began weeping and weeping and just knew she was her daughter. She immediately called the social worker and said when can I meet her.

The Muddy waters of adoption

The enemy sure has his grip in both the foster and adoption world, it’s an ugly place where the very people who are supposed to be advocating for these kids are abusing and selling them. This is why it requires much prayer and intentionality if you feel this call on your life.

While waiting for DNA testing to go through, Savannah didn’t want to waste anymore time. God somehow sped up her background check and she flew to meet our sweet baby love. When she walked into the restaurant to meet with the foster Momma caring for her, Baby love reached right to her. Something the social workers said she wasn’t doing with anyone.

My sister and I with baby love on her gotcha day
My Sis and I with bay love on her gotcha day and her holding the blanket I made her

One of the prayers Savannah prayed was that she would dream of their family every night. We believe God answered those prayers, after seeing her with her siblings and Dad it was as if she always belonged.

After several grueling weeks of waiting Savannah got the call she had been waiting for, the DNA match confirmed what we already knew. On October 7, her gotcha day, she was placed in Savannah and Josh’s custody! They were contacted that the adoption was now moving forward.

Not so fast

There have been many more hurdles since her gotcha day. While the adoption keeps moving forward there are lots of things their family has had to walk through to keep her safe and check all the legal boxes. The enemy has tried hard to keep her in his grips but he never stood a chance, the mighty prayer warriors and angel armies have been working on her behalf. Adoption is not for the faint of heart. But oh, so worth every second.

As of right now the adoption still has a few more steps to complete, we would appreciate you standing with us in prayer for our sweet girl and my sisters family. I would also ask that you pray actively for others who are in the middle of fostering or adopting as well as the countless children who are fighting for their own lives in a very broken system.

Open Adoption

They have decided that Baby love’s story will remain her own. When she is old enough to know and share it she may do so. Until then we will be protecting her and not divulging the dark things she has already walked or been carried through in her life.

That being said she will always grow up knowing she is adopted. Her bio parent who is not able to care for or see her for a long time has been so supportive and has written her many precious letters.

My sister is making her a book with her story and pictures so she can be proud of her story. Savannah would appreciate your prayers for her as she seeks wisdom in helping her understand and accept her story and how God has redeemed it.

The Heart of a Mother and journey through adoption seen here in the photo
We keep her face and name private for her safety
Thoughts on adoption and fostering from Savannah
  • She used to think every Christian “should”, adopt. After walking through she realizes it’s a calling God has not called everyone too
  • God has called us to support both orphans and widows, you can do this in many different ways. Consider how God might be calling you to fill this need. Wether it’s a grocery gift card, a hot meal setting a time to pray everyday etc.

Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

James 1:27
  • Just because someone is fostering or adopting doesn’t mean they actually have money to pay for things. My sister didn’t receive the stipend generally given if you are fostering until months after she had Baby love in her care. It used to be that if you were adopting a family member you could forgo the stipend to speed up the process. She would have done this in a heart beat. But they stopped allowing that which also meant a longer adoption process including more visits with social works etc. For them this meant a lot of plane flights for them and their 6 children.
  • Even if you can’t help, at the very least please don’t become a burden to a family who is in the midst of this.
  • Having a village is important. People you can call and trust with the hard stuff and depend on for prayer and support
  • Pray, pray, pray, pray and fast. And pray some more.

This is the sweet song they are already playing for her
Still on the journey

Thank you for listening and reading about the Heart of a Mother and her journey through adoption! God has been so good, and we fully expect Him to come through just like He has been. We look forward to the day there are no more calls and visits with the social worker and we all just live life together.

My sister is pregnant and due in July with baby 7 and we are all so very excited for baby love to experience the joy of being a big sister!

I just wanted to say how proud I am of my Sister, her hubby and their sweet babies. They have all shown unconditional love and are walking right where God asked them too! We all love sweet baby love so very much and are looking forward to the rest of our lives with our girl!

Here is a link to the book that Savannah talked about helping prepare her for adopting.

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    Beautiful story of God’s Love working in this family and this precious baby.
    I will be praying that this adoption will soon be complete and for you mama, as you soon will have another little one. 😊❤️🙏🙏🙏

    1. Caroline

      Thank You Auntie Margie!! We love you!!

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