Rejuvenated and Ready for More of Season 3

Picture of Caroline the Host in Ireland now home and ready to tackle season 3 of the Podcast

Episode #64 Mid Summer Check in: Reflections on our vacation, staying slow and seeing God’s hand, also what’s ahead for Season 3

Do I feel Rejuvenated and Ready for More of Season 3 of the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast? Vacation and my Brothers wedding was incredible and so life giving! Upon arriving back home we were asked many times if we were SO glad to be back home. Every time someone said it, there was a pause. On my end.

Two weeks in Europe with my sweet hubby after a grueling schedule this past year was exactly what the doctor ordered. While most couples tend to enjoy or even celebrate their alone or apart time, we don’t resonate. We also have spent most of our careers on the road traveling, together. Moving to a small town and staying put for the most part was a huge adjustment for us.

Picture of us in the Netherlands, feeling rejuvenated and ready for more adventures in Season 3 of the podcast

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Back to the frequently asked question with the expected answer. No, I’m not “so glad to be home.” While I love our little home and taking care of it, home means more time apart and back to adjusting to small town life.

On the positive side, I’m grateful because this new job allowed us to take our vacation. Vacation is also extra sweet when you have been working hard, sort of a symbiotic relationship. While on vacation you are reminded of the Blessings of hard work and while working hard you dream of vacation… or maybe that is just me.

All things considered I came home feeling rejuvenated and ready for more of season 3!

Beginning again

I always take a break in July from everything, it’s a nice reset. Let’s face it, we could all use those from time to time!

In this episode I’m taking a moment to reflect on my rejuvenating vacation, embracing the art of staying slow, and witnessing the hand of God and what He is teaching me in this hiatus.

But that’s not all! I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into what lies ahead for the podcast. Get ready for captivating interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and valuable insights from inspiring guests in the upcoming episodes.

Don’t miss out on the rest of season 3 as well as seasons 1 and 2 available on all major podcast apps. Stay tuned and stay connected!

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