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Reflecting on My Podcast Journey and Exciting Things to Come

Season 3 Episode 58-The Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast:Sharing My Heart on the Past, Present, and Future.

Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast: Reflecting on Our Journey and Exciting Things to Come

How it all began

Reflecting on My Podcast Journey and Exciting Things to Come, I must start at the beginning.

In December of 2018 God lit the fire in my heart to start a blog. He made clear it would be at the end of a year long hiatus from social media. (You can read about that HERE). I knew was supposed to blog for a year prior to starting, “The Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast”.

On April 30 2021 The very first Episode of the Podcast released. It is an interview with one of my dearest friends about Marrying your childhood sweetheart. (Fun fact she is also the one who composed and performs my Podcast music). The actual interview was well over two hours. The first recording contained a whole lot of, um’s, giggles and long rants about our passion for marriage. There was so much good content, which ultimately had to be edited to a palatable podcast length. Of course, without loosing all the good stuff.

Prior to starting my podcast I had very little experience with editing video or audio. I had done LOTS of research over the two years I was praying and waiting on starting it. Still, I was a novice. That first episode took me more than 6 hours to edit. Slowly by slowly I learned. The Lord would give me insights, things would just pop up to help. There were “hacks” and ideas I had to streamline the process, whichI still use today. That being said, I’m still learning. So if you have been with me since the beginning I want to thank you for bearing with me!

Seasons: 1 & 2

Season 1 started out every other week with a scheduled break for the month of July, my Birthday month. I think it’s always a good idea to take intentional time for sabbatical. Season 1 had 16 Episodes, which included video for YouTube. The last episode aired on December 17 2021, with just under 1000 listens on the Podcast platforms. I remember being a bit disappointed, I hadn’t quite reached 1000 when Christmas came. Thankfully, my hubby pointed out there were also several hundred on YouTube which I agreed counted. So grateful for that man of mine.

For Season 2, I was quite ambitious. I set out to do an episode every week, starting the first week of January 2022,(with my normal July break). Getting into a little more of a groove but still learning. Admittedly, it’s overwhelming learning everything, “prescribed” to get your podcast heard and known on various social media and other platforms. During season 2 it was challenging to keep recording and editing while living in Florida. Without my usual places to record and edit, I had to get creative.

Caroline with her hubby in front of Daniels Wood Land, continuing to do the podcast through a move and ever changing schedules
Me with my hubby in front of Daniels Wood Land where we now work on the central Coast

During Season 2 my hubby got a new job on the Central Coast of California and we moved. In October they offered me a part time position managing their social media! At that point season 2 of the podcast was getting close to wrapping. I prayerfully reflected on what season 3 would look like with our new life schedule. Season 2 wrapped on December 9, 2022 with Episode 57. I had just over 5000 listens on the Podcast Platforms and around 3000 on YouTube! That may seem small to some but from my perspective it’s a show of God’s hand working in the Podcast!

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Here we go again

With much reflection and prayer, I decided to start season 3 on April, 28 2023. Starting the New Podcast Season just 2 days shy of our 2 year anniversary would be a fun milestone. It’s probably a start date I will continue to keep.

My new job, even though it’s part time makes weekly podcasts problematic. it would be best to do every other week and still break for July, so that I can continue to bring you great content in the midst of my schedule.

I’m excited for the episodes and guests I have planned coming up, which will kick off with a series on Healthy Marriage Habits from multiple different perspectives. I will be having some hard and slightly controversial conversations and be ending the season with how different women approach quiet time with God with a hope to give you some grace and spur you on to dive into God’s Word in a way that works with your life season.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

If your new I’m excited you are here. If you have been a fan of the Podcast throughout our entire journey I’m so grateful and hope that I can continue to bring you encouragement in your day, reminding you how much God loves you and that we are in this together, through the stories of our lives!

What's to come with the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast? Listen in to find out!

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