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Overcoming Darkness: Triumph and Healing After Sexual Abuse

Episode #67- A Candid Conversation- with Annette Eastis.

About her book, Podcast and ministry birthed out of the healing of her own experience of sexual abuse

Overcoming Darkness: Triumph and Healing After Sexual Abuse, sound too good to be true? What does it feel like to share your story while your abusers are alive and well? Learn how she coped with self harm and how God also delivered her from that! Listen in to the Podcast and read below for more!

My memories with Annette are sweet ones. My siblings and I were part of a Homeschool marching band called “The Homeschooling Patriots”.

We marched in parades, performed at places like Disneyland and competed at dance and drill team competitions. Annette was my drill team coach and she made everything so fun! Singing “Oh, Where is my hairbrush” at the top of our lungs and laughing so hard at practice and performances. It was clear how much she loved Jesus and how He was the center of her life.

She had a keen eye and didn’t let us get away with a sloppy performance, for this, I am truly grateful! Both for her coaching and all the memories.

I would have never guessed she had walked through so much pain and trauma. I was especially surprised to find out she was battling an addiction to self harm. In fact it was during the same years I spent so much time with her.

Annette and I back in Drill Team Days
Anette and I at a Patriots event around 1995

Reconnecting with Annette

John and Annette were invited to our wedding 21 years ago. Though we were connected on social media this was probably the last time I saw her in person.

Fast forward to 2021 when I launch my Podcast. Annette reached out to let me know she was proud of me. She also asked me some questions on how I got started.

She has been an incredible encouragement and shares everything I’m doing, which I’m grateful for. This Podcasting thing takes a lot of courage and ignoring the doubt the enemy is throwing your way!

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Once she launched her own Podcast and I got a chance to listen. I was surprised to learn of her subject matter based on her own sexual abuse. God laid it on my heart to invite her to be a guest.

When I reached out she sent me her book. I’m not going to lie it was a tough read, but a good one. Learning someone that you love and care for went through such horrific sexual abuse. With years of nobody believing her, it grieved my spirit. Yet, I had to read it. When I was finished I was even more motivated to get her on the podcast!

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The Truth About Sexual Abuse

Prior to this interview God has brought to my attention several precious women who have walked this journey. Some able to share publicly, some not quite there yet and maybe they never will be.

I think many don’t realize how common sexual abuse is. How many times it’s someone the victim loves and is even supposed to trust. I’m incredible grateful Annette had the courage to share her story, despite her abusers still being alive. Chances are you or someone you know has been abused or even more terrifying is an abuser. Is there Hope? Forgiveness?

Annette's husband John was the first to believe her and finally do something about the abuse
Annette and John Eastis

Sadly Annette tried many times to tell someone what happened to her. The first person to believe her was her husband John.

After reading this part of her book I had even more respect for John Eastis than I ever had. I always thought he was kind and loved God but he is a warrior for Christ to be sure. Standing in the gap, doing something about the abuse was an answered prayer. This confirmed her asking God to step in if He really loved her!

Healing is a Journey

Annette’s abuse started at age 3 and continued into her high school years. Her healing journey is all chronicled in her book and spanned decades. If you are in the same boat, we have good news! There is HOPE!! give yourself some grace and know God wants to heal your whole heart.

Have you been or are you still the victim of sexual abuse? What Should your next steps be?

Annette suggests to pray about who you can tell, friend, family member, pastor or licensed counselor. Even if you can only get a little bit of your story out, do it. You will begin to remove the burden and bring the darkness into light. Spend real time with Jesus and in His Word. Give yourself grace and hold onto hope.

Do I need to forgive my attacker?

Annette was able to finally walk in forgiveness but she assures it is down the line. If this is fresh or bringing it up is fresh don’t feel forced into it right away. God is gentle and He wants your heart free, He’ll help you when you are ready.

What should I do if someone I know tells me they are being abused?

BELIEVE THEM! Assess together and with prayer what happens next. Wether the abuse is still going on or not, Annette has some great resources on her website and on her Podcast.

How do I protect my children from being sexually abused?

Talk with them early and often. How their bodies being precious and what areas are off limits for people to touch. Create a buddy system. Be very scrutinizing on who you allow your children to be alone with, even family members.

Are you trying to Overcome the Darkness, and experience Triumph and Healing After Sexual Abuse? Check out Denise’s Story Here for another story of God’s faithfulness after sexual abuse and abortion.

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