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I love a tidy sock drawer

Organizing socks and underwear Video

Faithful Home Organization

Episode 1- Organizing Socks and underwear video

Episode 1- Faithful Home Organization

I’ve got the Spring cleaning fever and am dying to organize every inch of my house. I’m starting small, really small, organizing my socks and underwear drawers.

Organizing can be overwhelming You can read more here about my core motivation to organize. I want to help you feel in control of your home and honor God in the process without feeling overwhelmed.

The small things matter

In Luke 16:10 Jesus says:

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.

There is no shame in starting small, it often give you the confidence to move onto something greater!

Don’t feel like you need to go through all of your clothes in one go. Socks and underwear are foundational pieces of clothing we wear most every single day. An organized socks and underwear drawer can help our days start and end with calm.

Have you ever grabbed inside out or mismatched socks? Only to notice later in the middle of an important meeting? A bathing suit too stretched out after last season? Forgotten until you cannon ball into the pool, only to be catching the suit before it embarrassingly comes off of you?

A run in your tights? You were searching desperately for the right color in your drawer on a busy morning, and grabbed the the ones you didn’t throw away, last time you noticed the run?

It’s understandable when life gets busy we can miss things like this.

Benefits to organizing on the regular

An organized drawer inevitably becomes un-organized again.

Not sure if any of your “organized” friends shared that part with you. You go to their seemingly organized house and picture it just stays like that. It does require effort, I’ll admit.

The good news is if you organize on the regular it’s a heck of a lot easier than once in a blue moon.

messy socks and underwear
My sock drawer clearly in need of some TLC

Sock Drawer

It’s been a few months since I last organized my sock drawer….like 6. Which is why it was obviously in need of some TLC.

Here are the steps I take when organizing my socks

  1. Pull out all socks on an easy to see surface like your bed
  2. Put them in pairs
  3. Throw out any mismatched
  4. Assess if there are any you haven’t worn in the past 4 seasons, then donate those if they are in decent shape. If not toss them.
  5. Now search over the socks that passed the cut and make sure none have holes or worn out elastic. If they do toss them.
  6. Now you are set to put them back in your drawer. I like how Marie Kondo folds socks. It keeps them organized and visible.
organized sock and underwear
All organized
messy socks and underwear
My underwear drawer was even worse

Underwear Drawer

I keep bathing suits, underwear and bras in this drawer. Here are the steps I took to go through:

  1. Pull everything out and sort into like items on the bed
  2. Check bathing suits for worn elastic, stretching and fading, additionally if you haven’t worn the suit the previous season throw it out or donate depending on how worn it is.
  3. Try on your bras, if they don’t fit or are uncomfortable throw them out or donate them. (This will help you confidently grab one on busy mornings that will support your girls all day long)
  4. Go through and try on your underwear, search for holes and stains. Assess comfort level, you know the pairs that you never grab because they are uncomfortable, throw them in the trash.
  5. Are there any other accessories or items that don’t belong? I had 3 lint rollers in mine, we don’t even have pets! Find proper homes for things so you can efficiently grab your everyday items.
  6. Accessories for bras or bathing suits are great if you use them but if not, throw them away. I had a set of pads for a bra I’ve never used them for, but there they sat taking up space.
  7. Put everything back
  8. Bras and swim suits: I like to store my bras and swimsuits in a file like order. It keeps the cups nice and easily visible from the top
  9. Underwear: I fold them. Yep, you heard me right. Folding your underwear keeps them neat and visible from the top.
organized socks and  underwear
I decided to keep one lint roller in the drawer

Additional things to keep in mind

  • Avoid being sentimental with clothing
  • If something isn’t functioning properly anymore get rid of it
  • If you don’t wear it for whatever reason, get rid of it

This will help you see what you use and what you truly need. This is good stewardship of our finances.

Often when our clothes are un organized we end up spending money on things we don’t need, while neglecting to replace something we do need. Like you have 10 pairs of good jeans but every pair of underwear you have is gnarly.

Summing it up

Organizing your socks and underwear may seem like a small thing but it’s a great start!

Treat the things God has Blessed you with with care and have gratitude when you replace worn things with something new!

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