You are currently viewing Married and Happy 20 years later. What’s our secret?

Married and Happy 20 years later. What’s our secret?

Married and Happy 20 years later. What's our secret?

Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast Episode #46- 20 years of marriage, why and how we are still living in wedded bliss- with special guest Kevin Rogers

Married and Happy 20 years later What’s our secret? 20 years have truly flown by for my hubby and I. You will hear us often tell people we are still newlyweds. It’s the truth. The beautiful thing is we are newlyweds in the sense that we are still full of love and hope. Yet we are more in love than we or anyone newly married could ever be. How do you get this kind of marriage?

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How do you cultivate a truly happy marriage?

Our answer is and always will be, “Keep God the center of your marriage”. On the Podcast we dive deeper into what that means exactly and how it has directly affected our marriage. Last year we recorded an episode on being married 19 years that you can listen to HERE. We covered some highs and lows and plain funny moments. We give an inside look into our communication. As well as some other threads we have woven into the fabric of our marriage.

Our one year wedding anniversary was spent in Las Vegas at the Paris hotel
Our 1 year Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel

This year we thought it would be fun to talk about the past 19 Anniversary celebrations. Our adventures have been as dangerous as getting held up at gun point in Guatemala just before our 10th Anniversary. Flying to London together for a one night gig and taking advantage of our juxtaposition. Some years money was incredibly tight, and we were just glad we had an Olive Garden gift card. Nothing wrong with unlimited salad and breadsticks to ring in the celebration of our nuptials.

Happily celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on the Disney Magic
Year 10, our very first Cruise! From New York through New England on the Disney Magic

how are we celebrating 20 years?

This anniversary has been discussed for quite some time. We had hopes of heading back to Paris, where we honeymooned and celebrated year 10. We talked about Japan where we have both been, but never together. The world has changed a lot over the last nearly 3 years. While things have opened up there are still many restrictions in many different places. We’d prefer to enjoy our anniversary unmasked and not held up on some quarantine while our adventures await.

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The state of the world isn’t the only reason our plans are…shall we say a little up in the air. If you follow the Blog, Podcast or even my social media you know my hubby recently accepted a new job. This required a move 4 hours north of where we have lived for the past 9 years. Since hubby’s job is so new taking a major trip on or around our anniversary is out of the question.

We are planning a quiet dinner at a little french restaurant in our city. (Did I mention we moved to wine country?!) Then celebrate the following weekend something sort of local. We are planning to still do a “big” trip, just not right now. We are both completely ok with this since we make it a point to celebrate our love on the daily. That being said it’s a topic we talk about all the time and look forward too! But we are doing something totally new to celebrate…..

Married and Happy 20 years later. What's our secret? We'll tell ya, in our online marriage guidance course
We are so excited to launch our online Pre-Marriage guidance course
Our Online Pre-Marital Guidance Course

We are launching our online Pre-Marital Guidance Course! If it’s past September 8 2022, then the course is live! You can find more info HERE or if you want to just sign right up you can do that HERE.

Are you getting married or Newly Married? Then our course is for you! If you if you are long time married and never got any type of pre-marital guidance you could also gain some great perspective and tools to enrich your marriage! We want everyone to have the tools necessary to beat the 50% of marriages that are ending in divorce. So if you’d like to know what we’d like for our Anniversary we’d love more marriages to succeed and be joyful!

For the month of September we are doing special pricing in honor of our 20th wedding anniversary! It’s just $20. We have poured hours, years and prayers into what we have put together. You can expect more than 5 hours of course footage and nearly 50 pages of downloadable resources including scripture reference, we think this is a steal!

Be sure to share with anyone you know who is looking to have some tools heading into their marriage!

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