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Let’s talk about sex baby…. and faithfulness

Let's talk about Sex baby...and faithfulness
Episode 45 on the Podcast-Let’s talk about Sex

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Podcast Episode #45

Section 5- Sex and Faithfulness

Let’s talk about sex baby…and faithfulness. The two go hand in hand. God designed sex for marriage society has decided to skirt around God’s plan and use it as a way to seek pleasure from whomever is also just looking for pleasure. This hasn’t changed the impact it can have when done in the context of marriage.

Why Faithfulness? I believe it still takes a lot trust to give someone the permission to touch and please you sexually, this is why it’s important to be faithful. There is a lot more than not having an affair that goes into staying faithful to your marriage vow. When you remain trustworthy to your spouse you can both experience not the they physical pleasure brought on by sex but the joy and fulfillment of being “One Flesh”.

Calm down, we don’t get that crazy. But we are talking about sex

the sex part…

We highly advise saving sex for marriage. Even making a home together prior to marriage can rob you of the sweetness of building your home once you have made your covenant vows. (You can read HERE about what Covenant Marriage means)

That being said, if you have already had sex or are living together already we are going to recommend you refrain and change your living situation today. Being faithful to God prior to your vows will carry over and help you remain faithful in your marriage. We will go over all of this in the course.

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If you are here seeking to have a great God honoring marriage than I believe you’ll want to do everything you can to enjoy that. Ultimately it’s your call, God gave you free will. We still want you to take this course, why? Because even if you have decided to sleep together or stay living together we want you to have the tools God has given us to have a healthy marriage. God wants your heart, and even if you have “messed up”. When we ask Jesus to be our personal Lord and Savior He is faithful to forgive us.

In this section of the course we will go over some common thoughts on sex, what you should expect and some tools to keep your communication lines open about it. We will give you discussion questions which leads me to our recommendation of taking this part of the course as close to your wedding night as possible.

What do you know about Pre-Marital Counseling?

Pre Marital guidance is so helpful in preparing you for marriage. Many people think it’s unnecessary, or they aren’t involved in a good church. Some just aren’t comfortable going to their pastor for this guidance. We don’t want this to stop you from having valuable Biblical Marriage wisdom that will help you walk joyfully through your married lives! 

Are you planning on getting married soon? Do you know someone who is? Maybe you are married but feel you were not given the tools needed to do marriage “well”. My hubby and I are very passionate about marriage, we love helping couples to understand how they can beat the 50% divorce rate that has plagued our country and caused many to consider wether it’s worth walking down the aisle.

We are giving you a sneak peek into our online God centered pre-marriage guidance course each week this month. We want you to not just survive marriage but to thrive! Be sure to share with anyone who might benefit from the course.

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