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Inside life of a Missionary Family in Lyon, France

Episode #27Leaving the US and following God’s call with your Family to Lyon, France. What do you leave behind, what do you gain? A look inside at what missionary life is really like PT1 with- Lisa De Blauw

Today we are getting a look inside the life of a missionary family in Lyon, France.

The De Blauw Family

What would you do if God called your family to become missionaries and move to foreign Country?

My guest today is my Cousin Lisa De Blauw. Her and her hubby heard God’s call to move their family to Lyon, France. If you are picturing her sitting by the Eiffel Tower with a Bible on her lap, sipping a glass of wine, that’s not exactly accurate.

After meeting in college, Lisa and her and her hubby both thought they would move to Europe and work. She had always dreamed of being a jazz singer in Paris, and he thought he would take his consulting work overseas. The desire to step into the mission field had never been in their plans. After hearing from the Lord despite their previous ambitions to live life in Europe they weren’t exactly jumping for joy.

Being a young family with 2 small children moving to another country was no small decision. Being a missionary is being called to a life of service, surrendering things like being near family and cultural comforts.

God be merciful to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us. That Your way may be known on earth,Your salvation among all nations.

Psalm 67:1-2

Why Lyon, France?

God dropped it directly in front of them, making it clear to both Garrett and Lisa that this was His calling. When they first arrived in France 7 years ago there were very few Christian churches. Thankfully God has been moving and the body of Christ is growing.

Here in the states even if you aren’t a believer chances are you still celebrate Christmas and you at least have heard of Jesus. It might be shocking but many from Lyon don’t celebrate Christmas and haven’t heard who Jesus is.

In addition there are many middle eastern refugees seeking a better life or fleeing religious persecution. They realized the need almost immediately after arriving. Garrett already had a heart and experience with outreach to the middle eastern community.

Lisa found the availability of after school activities studying things like music were few and far between. Creating opportunities for kids in the community to learn music has inspired her to pursue creating a more permanent program.

What was it like adapting as a family?

Initially the kids were bullied when they started school. It was definitely rough on her Momma heart. Instead of calling it quits and heading back “home”, they stuck it out. They gave their kids the opportunity to pray for the bullies, and God opened up a move to a school that was a little more willing to understand their plight and step in where necessary.

The thing is, opposition isn’t necessarily a sign you are in the wrong place. Leaning into God and teaching your kids to do the same is equipping them for future struggles in life!

Not having your family and known friends as a support system can be challenging. Getting out and making yourself available to serve the community around you can sometimes be the last place you want to be when you are feeling overwhelmed or homesick. Even in your own home country, the enemy definitely pushes us to want to crawl into a hole, or depend on comforts and constants that aren’t always available when immersed in a new culture.

It takes intention to walk like Jesus did and respond with serving others.

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Pray for the De Blauw family

I hope you enjoyed the first part of our conversation, stepping inside the life of a missionary family in Lyon, France. Be sure to tune in next week for part two where we dive deeper into culture immersion, how it effected her marriage and her family over all.

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