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Immersing into the French Culture as Christian Missionaries

Episode #28- Life for a Missionary family in France- Immersing in culture, learning and sharing the gospel in French PT2 with- Lisa De Blauw

How is the De Blauw family immersing into French culture as Christian missionaries? Today is part two of a look inside missionary life in Lyon, France. If you haven’t listened to Part 1, you can find it here

The De Blauw Family

What does it mean to be a Missionary? What is their day to day life like?

Last week we talked about what it looked like to be called to serve the people of Lyon, France. Picking up your family and immersing them in a new culture half way across the world.

Today we dive a little deeper into what it means to be a missionary. What are some common misconceptions, and what has changed in their own minds since they came 7 years ago.

So if you haven’t heard part one of our conversation, head on back to listen then join us for todays!

What was it like to learn French and also share and learn the gospel in a foreign language?

It can be daunting to share God’s Word, wether you are unfamiliar or are just worried you’ll say the wrong thing. Imagine learning a new language and learning scripture in that language, then sharing your heart in your new language!

Lisa shares how quick the kids picked it up, and how she feels the kids really have it right when it comes to language and culture immersion. They have meshed the two cultures, memories and language so seamlessly, there is no divide. As adults we can often compartmentalize our experiences, and life seasons. This can lead us to having difficulty adapting when we remember, “how it used to be”.

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What are some common misconceptions about Mission work?

Mission work is often looked at as a passion project. Truly we have all been called to make disciples of all the nations, and our best example is Jesus. How did Jesus spread His message? By loving and serving people, meeting them right where they were at. He was full of grace and served out of love.

I think when you hear Lisa talk about immersing into the French Culture as Christian Missionaries and their hearts for serving the people of Lyon. I believe it will give you a new perspective on serving those in your own community!

Perspective says so much, read here about one wise immigrants story
Immersing into the French Culture as Christian Missionaries
How can you best support local and foreign missionaries?

Pray, pray, pray! Don’t underestimate the power of prayer! Lisa and Garret have a prayer calendar that you can sign up for to commit to pray. Even if you don’t sign up, set a reminder on your phone to pray for them or other missionaries you know or don’t know.

While you may have experienced someone fundraising for their mission and felt pressured, that isn’t the way God actually works. When Garrett and Lisa were called God provided, when you step out in faith God moves in the hearts of people who are passionate about sharing their resources for the Kingdom. They don’t ever want anyone to feel pressured or bad when they are already supporting another missionary.

For some they may have a heart for a certain country but not be equipped to go, when God brings across their path someone He has equipped to go it’s a cheerful worshipful response to God’s abundant Blessing.

So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7

God will supply all your needs, and their needs. That being said we should all be examining our hearts daily and motives with the resources we have been Blessed with, money, time, abilities, juxtaposition etc. When we seek to serve others first then we are truly carrying out what God has called for us to do, especially when we do it from a place of overflowing joy!


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