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How to Overcome a Negative Body Image and Refocus on your Why

Episodes 20 &21 -How body image has impacted through insecure teenage years, Dancing with Disney, Having Babies, Hormones and medical emergencies and procedures-With Jennifer Tomasick

Jennifer talks about How to Overcome a Negative Body Image and Refocus on your Why
Episode 20 Pt1

Talking today about, “How to Overcome a Negative Body Image and Refocus on your Why”. on the Podcast.

This is a two part conversation, there was just too much good stuff said to leave any out. You will be able to listen here or find all the links for the other platforms.

We have all been impacted by the thief called comparison. Scrutiny from others can cut deep, and the scrutiny we put on ourselves sometimes even deeper. It robs us of our joy, and knocks the wind from our sails.

Listen to Part 1 on Youtube here

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As Christians we are to find our identity in Christ, and yet the world presses in hard beckoning us to forget who we are.

My guest on the Podcast

Today my guest is Jennifer Tomasick, a dear long time friend, who my hubby and I know from working at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Jennifer is nearing her 5th decade and has gained some insight along the way, concerning how we view our bodies. She loves the Lord and has walked with Him through this journey of finding a healthy body image.

As a performer at Disneyland it was difficult to not compare your body to others
Dancing at The Golden Horseshoe at Disneyland Park

Getting hired as a professional Dancer at Disneyland was one of the joys of her life! On the down side being, “on display” in sometimes very unforgiving costumes can give the enemy an opportunity to mess with your mind.

Jennifer went on to get married to a fireman, and have two beautiful children, some of which she carried down the parade route in womb, creatively concealed under costumes!

Episode 21 Pt 2

Talking body image

We talk about the importance of redefining your why.

talk about hormones and how as we get older our bodies change how they respond, and how we need to shift our thinking as this happens. She shares very raw about her brain tumor, C-section and other medical issues which caused her to gain over 60 LBS.

It’s definitely been a journey she is real and raw about her high highs and her low lows, even contemplating suicide. She shares scripture that has helped her re focus and define her “why”.

Jennifer found comfort in her husbands love and support, but it's God's that matters.
Jennifer and her hubby

Made in His image

Jennifer shares how seeking the approval of people or even your own perfectionism will always leave you empty. Christ is our King and created us in His image, He sees us as beautiful and loves us. This has lately been such a comfort. Psalm 45:11 is a go to scripture when the enemy tries to worm his way back into her mind.

So the King will greatly desire your beauty;Because He is your Lord, worship Him.

Psalms 45:11
Listen to Part 1 on Spotify
Listen to Part 2 on Spotify

We are beautiful and loved, we can’t live in a state of comparing our bodies to those around us. Our reason for being fit can’t be, “just to be skinny”. Eventually that won’t be enough either. On the flip side not caring for ourselves can be equally as damaging.

spending time with the Tomasick's and learning How she Overcome a Negative Body Image and Refocused on her Why
My hubby and I with Jennifer and Dean

Jennifer started a healthy living program that has truly helped her to refocus and not just get her body healthy but her mind and spirit too!

Jennifer and her family her why
Jennifer and her family

Did you know that even the most beautiful seemingly confident and “thin” girls still struggle.

For me it’s such a relief to see other women who are ahead of and even behind me in years being open and honest about their journey. You can’t judge a person emotional state by how they look on the outside. Let’s remember to uplift and encourage each-other, let’s walk closely with God and tell Him what we need and learn to see ourselves how He does. The enemy of our souls can then be crushed under our feet, and we can live joyfully and in community encouraging one another!

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