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How the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast began

Episode #2-Why I started the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast- My journey to starting my very own Podcast after God asked me to! Why you should follow God’s call for your own life!(Also my first solo episode)

Why I started a podcast
I’m so excited to share why I started a Podcast!
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There are already so many Podcasts in the world, why start one now?

You may be wondering how I came to begin the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast? Why did I jump into Podcasting when there are around 115,000 English speaking Podcasts in the world?

In comparison to how many english speaking people there are in the world(1.35 billion), 115,000 is not so many to be intimidated by, or feel I’ve missed the bus. The most important reason though, is I feel God has called me to it.

Where we were in life and geographically

My hubby and I were on tour and heading into a transition for us. We had always worked together, usually in live entertainment. This included touring with live acrobatic shows as both performers and crew, basically since we got married. At the time I was a costume designer and had designed and built an entire Cirque Show called 42 feet for the company Cirque Mechanics. My hubby was their head Carpenter as well as doing some acrobatics on stage still.

He had gotten an incredible job with Walt Disney Imagineering, something he’d always dreamed of and was starting after this last city we were playing in. Hannover New Hampshire is lovely and I couldn’t have picked a better place to end our life season of touring. Dripping with historic charm, in chilly December stamped it in our memories.

change was in the air, even more than I knew

How it all truly began. My season as a costume designer seemed to be coming to a close. But what was I going to do? I had been talking with the Lord about this and up to this point still no answer.

It was a regular type show night, rehearsals in the day leading into the show at night. We were staying at the beautiful Hannover Inn which was attached to the theatre, something we aren’t always fortunate enough to have. This meant I was able to pop back up to our room easily when I wasn’t needed instead of having to camp out at the theatre all day.

My hubby and I in front of the theatre in Hannover New Hampshire where God called me to start a Podcast
My hubby and I in front of the theatre in Hannover New Hampshire where God called me to start a Podcast

At this point I hadn’t heard many podcasts. I had read that Lindsey (from the Sparrows and Lily Blog) was getting ready to start a Podcast with Amaris (from the She is Reclaimed Blog), called The Milk and Honey Podcast . I popped up stairs to our room with the thought to listen to a couple episodes.

As I began, immediately my heart was feeling a tug. I just kept thinking I have to do this. It was overwhelming. I kept saying amen out loud, to nobody’s hearing but my own. I started weeping.

These girls who were younger than me were so sweetly proclaiming God’s truth through everyday circumstances. The content wasn’t even necessarily tear inducing, but the overwhelming pull from the Holy Spirit was un mistakable.

I talked with the Lord, how am I going to do this? Almost immediately I felt I was going to do a Podcast and call it “Real House Wives of the Kingdom”. The Lord was asking me to trust Him, He told me to start a blog first then move into Podcasting.

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I felt changed

My heart was on fire, something changed inside of me. I had such an urgency to do what God was beckoning me to.

The other overwhelming feeling I had was, there isn’t a lot of time. I’m still not totally sure wether it means Jesus is coming back soon, or I don’t have a lot of time. Even if it’s not in a morbid way I’m nearly 40 which means I have 60 years at best here on earth. This feeling didn’t frighten me, it just gave me excitement for what God was asking me to do.

He confirmed I was done designing and building costumes. I wasn’t sad about it, just ready to move into the next thing.

You can watch the episode here
It didn’t happen overnight

This night was in December of 2018 and here I am launching my Podcast in Spring of 2021. Starting a blog and learning about marketing on social media all took time. It’s no wonder God called me to wait until it was the right time.

In fact I spent an entire year, 2019 completely off of social media you can read about it here:

Then Taking an entire year to just do my blog right in time for the pandemic no less, you can read about it here:

What have I learned from blogging and podcasting so far?

  • God is bigger and more capable than I sometimes give Him credit for
  • Blogging and Podcasting is hard and takes a lot of time and intention
  • You will still be you when you achieve the thing you are reaching for
  • Do what He is asking you to do even if others are doing the same thing, you have a different reach than they do
  • Don’t base your self esteem on how people receive your content, think of the Old Testament prophets who weren’t exactly celebrated by the people of their day and yet we have gleaned so much from their faithfulness
  • Staying focused on your motivations is necessary, sometimes daily.
  • Don’t gage your success by how many “followers” or “likes” you get. People are fickle, God never changes. Ask Him to confirm you are on the right track in addition to some close trusted friends or family.
WAs it worth starting a Podcast?

How I came to begin the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast

Despite the fact that there were many others doing it, even within my genre, I couldn’t resist the urgency I had to do it. God asked me and I want to do His will, not my own.

I’m so grateful to all the gals who have so sweetly encouraged me over the past few years to do what God calls you to!

As I close, I’m going to pass along this wisdom to you:

Do what God is calling you to do! Follow the dream, the ambition you just can’t shake.

Do you need to go back to school? Get married? Have a baby? Run a marathon? Start a business? Call that friend? Start that ministry or knock on that neighbors door?

No matter how trivial something may seem, God can use all of our talents and juxtapositions to further His Kingdom! Praying God gives you the courage to move forward and encourage others to do the same!

Why did I start a Podcast?

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