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Hiking for a Healthy Mind and Community

Podcast Episode #52-Define Ministry- A Look into a “Fresh Journey”. How God is using this Hiking group as way to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit with- Jennifer Neufeld

Sometimes out of our deepest pain springs our greatest passion

Hiking for a Healthy Mind and Community is something my cousin Jennifer never expected to blossom into the ministry it has become.

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After walking through some difficult times the Lord took her through a process of healing which pointed to the fact that our body health is closely related to our mental, spiritual and emotional health. God created all of those things to work together. She sought an activity that would be fun and get her outside and moving. Growing up in Idaho she spent lots of time in the great outdoors. Since she loved hiking growing up she thought she would give it a try!

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Jennifer joined a group that hiked rim to rim at the Grand Canyon, she quickly realized while fun it wasn’t sustainable on a regular basis. She had the idea to create a group of hikers at any level who all were hoping for the same thing. Get out of the house, move their bodies, see nature and talk with other people.

Freedom, rest and encouragement, a fresh Journey was born! Keep in mind she created this group out of a need she had, thinking maybe someone else needs this too. It became the perfect opportunity to meet people right were they are at and give them a place to belong. God has used it not only in her life but in the lives of her group to show His heart for His people.

Where can you find a Fresh Journey

She began putting the hikes up in a group on Facebook and it continued to grow! Her hope is to expand a Fresh Journey. Creating retreats reaching beyond her community to extend this space where people can find common ground. She wants to continue using it to show people the love of God through community and camaraderie. If you live in the Bakersfield area and are interested in joining you can reach out! She even said she will do a virtual hike along with you!

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