Hidden Hacks for your Hotel Room Getaway

Why do I know these handy hotel room hacks?

Hidden Hacks for your Hotel Room Getaway

My hubby and I have worked in entertainment most of our lives, which has included a whole lot of traveling. Months or weeks at a time on tour living out of a suitcase, all over the US and the world. (you can read about some of them here). We have spent holidays and regular days in fancy and some disgustingly grungy hotel rooms.

This has given us ample time to work out some kinks. We came up with these handy hotel room hacks, I hope they help you to travel with more ease! A few things you can remember which can maximize your hotel stay wether you are bougie or boho.

After staying in hotels for work and fun half of my life I’ve learned a thing or two on how to make them as comfortable as possible

A few things you can remember to maximize your hotel stay wether you are bougie or boho

Caroline the Marriage Addict and Travel junkie

How do you make a hotel room feel like home?

Most nice hotels are generally comfortable but there are a few things which leave something to be desired.

Bring your own Hand soap

One being the Hand Soap bar. I’ve rarely been to a hotel where it left my hands feeling great after washing. Now,I’m a foam pump soap girl at home, one day it occurred to me to bring our own hand soap. It’s not a big item to pack. The foam pump ones from Bath and Body Works can close so they don’t leak. This was especially important since we often moved from hotel room to hotel room for extended periods of time.

Additionally, if you are traveling during holiday times it can add ambience to have a scented soap. Pumpkin smelling soap in the Fall, or a coconut hand soap while in a tropical local, you get the idea. Your hands will also thank you for it!

Bringing your own Hand Soap gives an extra level of ambience and comfort

Bring Room Spray

The necessity for it in the bathroom doesn’t have to be explained. It is often connected closely to the areas you will be living and spending time in. Certain hotels can have a funky smell. Wether it’s due to a less than quality room or just simply in a humid climate.

Not all hotels care for their rooms the same, especially if you are traveling outside of the US.

I also bring flushable wipes

Wall Flower

I promise I’m not getting any kick back from Bath and Body Works, though I probably should. They just have multiple things I bring on trips. Getting multiple things you need for a trip in one place is truly priceless!

The plug in wall flowers from Bath and Body Works are a great addition to any hotel room experience. The one with a night light is a great option! You can plug it into the bathroom outlet, at night you won’t run into any obstacles you aren’t aware of. During the day you can plug it in the room while you are out for the day. After a day of being a tourist, coming back to your room will smell lovely and provide a nice atmosphere. This is also a great way to add holiday or themed atmosphere to your hotel experience. Just keep the little cap and you can easily store it for moving to your next location or traveling home.

In the day it offers a lovely scent

Getting multiple things you need for a trip in one place is truly priceless!

Caroline the Marriage Addict and Travel Junkie
At night it offers light to guide you through un familiar hotel bathrooms

All in one easy to pack bag

We call this our accoutrements bag. We store the room spray, hand soap, wall flower as well as a package of resealable flushable wipes. I got this one for cheap at Marshalls. This is a great place to tuck a small wine opener as well!

Handy Hotel Room Hacks-Enjoying Beverages in your room

Wine Glasses and coffee mugs

While some hotels provide nice glasses for wine in your room, others only provide paper or plastic cups. We found these great outdoor use plastic wine glasses that look like the real deal. They are solid enough to pack and feel a bit more upscale than a paper cup. Warning, you may want to hide them when house keeping comes in, we once had ours taken. They look so good, I’m sure they were mistaken as hotel property. Coffee cups are a bit heavier to pack. But if you really enjoy your morning cup it might just make that hotel room coffee feel extra special.

These are hard plastic but look and feel better than drinking out of paper coffee cups

Ice and ice buckets

We often bring our own water bottles when we travel. Water refill stations are popping up in most airports, you can also get a refill at most coffee shops. Buying bottled water from a hotel is generally high priced and you may not have a chance to run through a connivence store. We have found it both helpful and cheaper than buying, especially considering the amount of water I tend to drink. For Ice Cold water in your room, fill up your bottles with ice from the ice maker. You can add water from a drinking fountain, tap or filtered water in the lobby.

Ice buckets are never big enough, ever. Not every hotel has a fridge, sometimes it’s one of those weighted ones. If so you are out of luck to try and cool anything especially in those minute ice buckets. Even if we have a fridge sometimes we want to chill a beverage quickly. My hubby brilliantly one day thought to use the sink in the bathroom. If the bathroom has two sinks you are even more lucky. Stop the drain, fill with ice and add some water too and you’ll have chilled drinks in no time.

Mostly ice and a little water will chill any beverage quick!

Handy Hotel Room Hacks-Black out curtains

You’ve had a lovely day, long but lovely. You close those black out curtains after a late dinner, show or just staying up gabbing. Suddenly you are woken out of your peaceful slumber, blinded by a stream of light, straight at your face. This one plagued us for a while. Sometimes we had to sleep in the day after an all night drive into the next city. We would cringe if the black out curtains were less than hoped. May I present to you the pants hanger black out curtain sealer.

Hotel Pants Hangers help keep black out curtains sealed tight

Previous to this we would bring little chip clips. There are almost always pants hangers in every hotel room, one less thing you have to bring if needed!

In Conclusion

I love traveling and it’s made it even more comfortable with these handy hotel room hacks! I hope you find them helpful, happy traveling!!

Extensive travel has taught us many hotel room travel hacks

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