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Great and not so Great Expectations in Marriage

Great and not so great expectations in marriage
Episode 41 on the Podcast

Sneak Peek into the online Pre-Marital guidance Course

Podcast Episode #41

Section 1Expectations

Great and not so great expectations in marriage. Today hubby and I are going over why this is an important first step in our course!

We navigate expectations every single day, they aren’t entirely bad. It’s definitely important to learn how to navigate them especially when it comes to marriage and the two becoming one flesh like Jesus talks about in Matthew 19:6

Learn about the type of expectations that are healthy in a marriage and the ones that aren’t. Learn tangible skills in how to navigate them when they arise and what the Bible says about Expectations. So you don’t fall into the enemies trap of discontentment.

What do you know about Pre-Marital Counseling?

It is incredibly helpful in helping you be prepared for marriage. Though many people think it’s unnecessary, aren’t involved in a good church where they can find it. Or maybe you don’t feel comfortable going to your pastor for this guidance. We don’t want this to stop you from having valuable Biblical Marriage wisdom that will help you walk joyfully through your married lives! 

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Are you planning on getting married soon? Do you know someone who is? Maybe you are married but feel you were not given the tools needed to do marriage “well”. My hubby and I are very passionate about marriage, we love helping couples to understand how they can beat the 50% divorce rate that has plagued our country and caused many to consider wether it’s worth walking down the aisle.

We are giving you a sneak peek into our online God centered pre-marriage guidance course each week this month. We want you to not just survive marriage but to thrive! Be sure to share with anyone who might benefit from the course.

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Find out more details HERE on the course and stay tuned to the podcast for more sneak peeks into the course!

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