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New Beginnings And Keeping Your Sanity On Social Media

Episode #10 – Embracing new passions and tips on navigating social media with Jenny Rose of Princess Turned Mom

Interviewing Jenny Rose in her Kitchen about embracing new passions
My interview with Jenny Rose
Jenny's Blog Princess Turned Mom
Jenny Rose

My Guest, Jenny Rose of Princess Turned Mom

Today I’m chatting with my sweet friend Jenny Rose about Embracing new passions and navigating social media. She is a Jesus lover, fire wife and Momma of two who loves all things Disney, just like me!

She is a content creator who shares her heart and life via her successful blog and social media accounts called,  “Princess Turned Mom”. You may have heard of her.  

She married my hubby’s bestie and in turn became one of mine, I love how that happens!  

Like me she was a performer. She always  thought she’d pursue a lifelong career on broadway and the stage. 

Then God changed her heart, she talks all about what it was like to change dreams and pursue them

Being an official Disney Mom Blogger with nearly 70,000 followers on instagram and millions of reads on her blog has been both rewarding and challenging.

She gives us a look inside what she has learned from literally not even knowing what a blog was to where she is today, as well as some valuable wisdom on responding to people online that are un kind, (I’m sure we can all benefit from that)  

Her and her hubby's first date, the beginning of new dreams
On their first date in Tokyo at a sumo match, months after they had been a couple and talking everyday
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Embracing new passions

Jenny talks about how multiple times in her life God has moved and changed her heart to go in a different direction than she thought. Let’s call it God’s plot twist.

She had always dreamed of being on Broadway then in walked Prince Charming, (Literally). Her Prince didn’t stop her from going to Broadway, she just found the dream of broadway paling in comparison to this unexpected adventure God placed in front of her. She had no desire to be away from him, even for Broadway.

Years after they got married she was still performing doing theatre and working at Disney in California and once again her heart started to change. Her dream of being a Mom was now dimming the luster of the performer life. Yet again, God was faithful and she felt ready to move towards His prompting.

Once both of her kids were born and she was finally getting some sleep God once again placed something new on her path. A friend recommended starting a blog. Just one problem, she had never heard of one!

Jenny on stage before God changed her dreams

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Starting a blog and stepping into vulnerability

She started her blog Princess turned Mom, a retired princess navigating life as a wife and a Mom.

At the beginning she thought she would blog about crafts or birthday parties for her kids, and she did, for a little while. Then she wrote a vulnerable piece called “Why I didn’t like my baby“. She had 1000 read it initially which was more people than even were following her at the time. It struck a cord.

God once again was prompting her heart towards a change (this time a small one) to write and share her actual heart, let people in and share her faith and dependency on God.

By embracing new passions God has met her in the sweet place of obedience and has Blessed her efforts beyond what she could have ever imagined! It’s been a joy as her friend to be praying for her and watching God work!

Jenny is an official Disney Mom Blogger- talk about a blessing for stepping out in faith for a new passion
Becoming an official Disney Mom Blogger has been such a sweet Blessing for her family to benefit from her hard work!

Inside scoop

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for bloggers and content creators who are getting paid to go on vacation and review products? It’s not a walk in the park. When she is working with a Hotel, Disney or other travel experience she often has a full plate of obligations to check off, per her contract. Did I mention she also negotiates her own contracts and reaches out to companies and brands with strategies and ideas. Then she is responsible to come through with them on time.

That being said she does love what she does, so it is fun, but there is a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. This is why she has learned over the years to create boundaries and also plan vacations that don’t entail working with anyone for them.

She likes working with companies for products she stands behind but declines when it doesn’t feel congruent with who she truly is.

Jenny working from her home
A lot of hard work goes into what you see on her feed and into her blog

Why’d you have to be so mean? navigating the dark side of social

Her response has been widely sweet and life giving, though as you know the internet is not the kindest place to bare your soul and get vulnerable. She has had her fair share of unkindness sent her way. Yet, her response is “Hurt people, hurt people. I’d rather have the opportunity to show people God’s love and grace”.

She isn’t quick to unfollow or block though she will if it is a threat to her family or mental stability.

She encourages that wether you have a platform or not, and you are making a post or a comment to ask yourself, “Who is this helping?”.

Our families at Disneyland where it all started with our husband's friendship
Our families together at our favorite place and the place our hubby’s became friends, Disneyland!

What does she want you to know?

Have some grace for the content creators you see on your feed on any platform, know they are working hard and are just people. You nor they can please all the people all the time.

Despite her hard work with an Instagram Following of nearly 70,000 people and being an official Disney Mom Blogger she doesn’t make a lot of money and she is ok with that.

She doesn’t feel bothered if you see her at Disneyland and you come up to say hi! (I know I’m sort of biased since she is one of my besties, but she really is very nice).

You are not seeing the whole picture online. While she does share a lot of their lives she does keep some things private. She prioritizes her family so if she seems MIA on stories she’s probably enjoying them or working on something up and coming. This is a good thing to keep in mind for anyone you follow on any platform, you have no idea what personal, family or health struggles someone is walking through, so let’s all have some grace.

We both pray this Podcast and blog post encourages you to boldly embrace new passions and trust God with your dreams!

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