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Embracing 40 and Beyond with Confidence and Hope

Happy 40th birthday celebration with my loving husband, gazing at the breathtaking Arc de Triumph from our hotel window
My 40th Birthday

This is 40

Embracing 40 and Beyond with Confidence and Hope, why I’m not afraid of growing older.

Full discloser I’m writing this after my 40th Birthday, in Paris. If you Listen to Podcast Episode #63 you’ll hear me talk about what I was feeling before I turned 40 and reflecting on the past 4 decades. Normally, I write my Podcast Synopsis here on my website and publish it at the same time as the Podcast. I guess one of the things I started to embrace before turning 40 was: the fact that often there’s not enough time to finish everything on your list.

Our trip was as you can imagine incredible and I will definitely talk about it more in depth in another post or Podcast Episode. For now I’m just going to touch on some things I’ve been pondering.

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Thoughts about turning 40 and aging in general

I know many people are afraid to grow older, that has never been my perspective. Sure as you age there are things lost with your youth, but you gain just as much if not more. You may not agree with me, but the lessons I’ve learned have sure outweighed the loss of things like my metabolism.

God has shown me time and time again how faithful He is and that He loves me and has a plan and purpose for my life. This truly helps me walk forward in confidence and hope without fear of the future. I love this scripture in Proverbs:

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She is clothed with strength and dignity,

and she laughs without fear of the future.

Proverbs 31:25

I’m not even close to the Proverbs 31 woman but I love her heart and pray that God will mold and guide me into the woman He created me to be. Which is another reason I suppose I’m looking onto my 40’s. God is not done with me yet, this is something that gives me huge measures of hope and grace. For myself and those around me.

This trip had multiple purposes my 40th and my Husband’s 50th and we are still celebrating 20 years of marriage. Of course you might imagine it hard to feel gloomy about aging while on such an adventure, I would say you are right. But it’s sort of how I was raised to look at life, and how my hubby and I have approached it from the beginning. We have always taken every opportunity to make life an adventure, even if it’s running to the grocery store or taking out the trash. Not everyone takes the opportunity to seize the day.

I’ve watched my hubby blaze the trail ahead and have seen God do so many mighty things in him, he hasn’t been fearful of aging and approaches life with such zest, it’s quite invigorating!

A Tale of Love and Adventure: Celebrating Our 40th with an Enchanting Backdrop - Embracing Parisian Magic at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triumph alongside my Beloved Husband
On My 40th Birthday Right Near our Hotel

Embracing 40 and Beyond with Confidence and Hope

I think we all need a little more grace for ourselves and each other as we grow and age. I think we need to have more honor and grace for the process of aging. I’m hoping my next decade I’m kinder to myself and don’t allow comparison to steal my joy and the truth of who I am in Christ, which is all that matters.

Thank you Lord for this life, I’m praying I bring you glory and finally learn the lessons you have been trying to teach me for so long. I pray I can be your hands and feet to people who needs you. I pray that I will stop sweating the small stuff and live fully in gratitude and trust!

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