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Do you need Pre-Marital Guidance? Everything you need to know

Do you need Pre-Marital guidance? Everything you need to know before saying "I Do".

Why do you need counseling before you say I do?

Do you need Pre-Marital Guidance? Everything you need to know to thrive, not just survive before you say “I Do”.

My hubby and I are passionate about marriage, and we love to encourage others in ways they can have a truly joyful marriage.

Our society is plagued with a 50% divorce rate wether you are a Christ follower or not. We know nobody walks down the aisle hoping to get divorced. And yet it is happening at alarming rates.

It was a common thing to get Pre-Marital Counseling in previous generations, but is a dying tradition. Some people don’t understand why you need counseling before you are married. Some aren’t plugged into a good church or just simply aren’t comfortable talking with their pastor about it.

We truly want marriage to drop the bad wrap and regain it’s good reputation, just the way God designed.

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Years ago we were asked to do pre-marital counseling for my sister and her hubby. When we started researching which book we wanted to walk through we didn’t find one that contained everything we felt was necessary. That’s when we decided to sit down and write our own.

We poured through scripture and talked extensively about what needed to be included. Talking about things we walked through and saw others walking through. Noting what we loved about our own pre-marital counseling experience. We printed each section and bound it, then set up a schedule to meet with my sister and her at the time hubby to be.

So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Matthew 19:6

We found we came alive while teaching these truths, we couldn’t wait to share the next section and just loved talking about marriage. After we finished God continued to bring couples who needed a Biblical pre-marital counseling alternative to meeting with their pastor. Each time we just grew even more passionate about equipping couples with tools before they said “I Do”.

You can read more here about our marriage, how we felt at 18 years married

About the course
Why an online course?

We had always wanted to be able to share these cornerstones of marriage with more couples. As we started seeing the availability to create an online course we felt led to share the wisdom we had via this platform!

Doing the course online allows you to fit the course into your busy wedding planning schedule, at your pace from the comfort of your home. You will have lifetime access to the course in case you need a refresher once you have walked down the aisle.

What if you are already married? Or just want to know what you should expect out of marriage?

Are you already married but either didn’t have pre-marital counseling or simply don’t remember what you learned? Or maybe you aren’t even engaged or in a relationship but would love to have some insight and motivation into wether you want to get married or not. This course will offer you valuable insight into how God designed marriage, ways you can enrich your marriage or simply offer you perspective.

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, And obtains favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 18:22

Even if you have gotten pre-marital counseling this course can give you additional insight so you can live out the joyful marriage God designed for us to experience.

Pre Marital Guidance Course

About the course

Are you still wondering? Do you need pre-marital guidance? Everything you need to know before you say I do about the course is right here!

There will be 5 different sessions going over specific topics with resources you can either print or save. We will provide discussion questions for you and your fiancé to go over each week. Each session will include a video teaching from us that includes background on each subject both Biblical and experiential and ways for you to implement them into your marriage. What are the topics?

  • Get to know us
  • Expectations
  • Communication
  • Cultivation
  • Leave and Cleave
  • Sex and Faithfulness

This course is not a guarantee you won’t face difficulties in your life throughout your marriage. If you apply these tools and both choose to live out your marriage intentionally your marriage will reap the rewards!

We will be doing special pricing for the month of September in honor of our 20th Wedding Anniversary, our course will only be $20!

Starting August 5 2022 the Real House Wives of the Kingdom Podcast will be featuring a sneak peek into each section of the course, be sure to tune in!

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