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Discerning God’s Call and Bravely Stepping out in Faith

Episode #30- Discerning God’s call and bravely stepping out in faith to move for ministry and beyond-with Melody Kraus

discerning God's call and stepping bravely out in faith

Discerning God’s call and stepping out in faith to move, for ministry and beyond can be daunting. My guest today Melody Kraus is one of my childhood besties! She has been serving God along side her hubby and 3 kiddos all across America. While she was open to serving God to the far ends of the earth, she shares the adventures God has led them on right here in the US.  They have moved for both ministry and work and have lived close to family and far. She gives us some great insight into knowing God’s voice and moving when He calls and what it really feels like in the moment. 

Melody and I in high school drill team, even in high school our faith is what drew us as friends
Melody and I in our High School drill team
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How do you know it’s God calling you?

How do you know the voice of someone you know vs someone you don’t? Likely you have spent some time talking with them, hanging out with them and learning their personality and character.

Have you heard a voice you didn’t want to hear? Think about what that feels like. Now think about what it feels like to hear the voice of someone you love.

Knowing God’s voice isn’t a whole lot different. Melody talks a lot about being immersed in God’s Word, the Bible. Through reading scripture we can not only see how God has spoken in the past to His people, but we can also see His character. The more we read about who He is, the more we’d be able to spot a phony.

Listen to other episodes in the “where you go I will go series”
Listen to other episodes in the “where you go I will go series”

If someone called claiming to be your Mom or best friend, but then started saying things that were uncharacteristic you would know. Even if at first it kinda sounded like them, you could deduct by reason of knowing them if it were an imposter.

God will never ask you to do something that is our of His character. The more you talk with Him and identify His movement and hand in your life the more you can discern His call.

How do you step out in Faith? It’s scary!

You are darn right it’s scary. Melody shares how her and her hubby have responded when they both start to feel God speaking and calling them. They start opening doors in that direction. This is a sign of faith in God, not that you’ve heard Him perfectly but that you trust Him enough to steer you a different direction if need be, despite the unknowns.

My hubby and I have had many step out in faith moments. Moments where we were pretty sure it was God, but the enemy was throwing a fair amount of shade our way, causing us to feel a little shaky. The good news, it’s the perfect place for you to be! God wants you to say I’m gonna trust you, but I’m terrified, please hold my hand.

our faith has grown since high school, I loved hearing how she has grown in it
At the Pumpkin Patch together
Things Melody shared

Melody loves pursuing God’s heart, this is the scripture she shared. So good!

Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, Like the latter and former rain to the earth.

Hosea 6:3

Melody also shared about the book Streams in the Desert . I recently downloaded the App YouDevotion where you can actually choose Streams in the desert as your read!

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