Hi I’m Caroline, welcome to my page!   I love Jesus, and the Bible is my roadmap for life, He’s my reason for pretty much everything. He Blessed me with my Hubby and soulmate Kevin, we have been happily married since 2002; we met in an professional acrobatic troupe then proceeded to travel the World working together;  first as performers,  then moving into Costume Design, Prop Design and building.  We love being and working together which we know is rare, so we like to encourage other marriages every chance we can!  We’ve worked at all the  amusement parks in Southern California collectively, portraying well known characters and bringing shows to life with our various entertainment talents.  Currently my Hubby is working his dream job as a Disney Imagineer which not only makes this Disney fan Girl swoon, but it has allowed me to step into my passion for writing, sharing our past and current adventures, all the things God has done and is doing in our lives.  From escaping scary countries, flying 75 feet in the air over awe filled eyes, to building ball gowns in a day; as well as everyday triumphs and struggles.  My hope is to encourage you in the Lord and in your marriage, make you laugh and realize you aren’t doing this life alone.   I hope to make travel not quite so daunting, and give you tips and tricks to show you it really is a small world after all. I’ve got a vintage soul with a heart for Homemaking and cultivating a refuge from the world, wether you are in a house, apartment, rented bedroom or Hotel Room, I’d like to give you tools to do the same in yours. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let’s get to know each other.