You are currently viewing A Mother’s Journey of loss how she found hope

A Mother’s Journey of loss how she found hope

Episode #69- The devastation of Fentanyl Poisoning, how a grieving Mother found hope! By both serving the body of Christ and embracing a friend in a new city and state- With Janie & Coreen

A Mother's Journey of loss how she found hope

The Call no parent expects or hopes to receive

A Mother’s journey of loss and how she found hope!

Coreen had just moved to a new town, when she received the devastating news of her adult son passing. After years of high school and college sport injuries he was always trying to manage his pain. He often called Coreen asking for prayer and scripture. He was truly seeking a better way to manage his pain.

Just one Pill killed him. Fentanyl Poisoning is an epidemic in our country, and it’s affecting people of all ages. (See resources below)

Aaron left behind a son and a family that misses him dearly. They are all so grateful Jesus was His Lord and Savior. Coreen found one of his recent doodles, which brought comfort. Now framed in her house as a reminder of where his heart was at.

Coreen's son doodled Jesus is Lord shortly before he passed
Pictured: His last doodle, a picture of him and Coreen, him with his son and a Lion King a movie he always loved which has been such a comfort to their entire family now

The path to healing

Transitioning after a move is never easy, let alone on the heels of such a tragedy. Coreen and her husband went to the Connect class at church. It was all she could do to introduce herself and share her heart for teens. She talks about how going to the connect was just sticking one toe out in obedience.

“Trust His plans not your pain”

Toby Mac

Toby Mac’s son also died of Fentanyl Poisoning and his story has been a huge comfort to Coreen

At connect she met Janie also new in town, who immediately asked if she wanted to go for a walk! With a similar background and calling for teens she listened to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

On that walk the Holy Spirit once again prompted Janie. She inquired more when she learned about the death of Coreen’s son. She then shared an opportunity she just learned of to serve through the Landing. Which is a “Celebrate Recovery” for students. Bravely, Coreen said yes! They dove into a precious friendship and serving the youth alongside each other.

While Coreen knows her grief will never be gone she has truly felt God holding her. He has moved so sweetly through her willingness to serve and walk in obedience. Her gratitude that her son accepted Jesus as a teen, drives her to give other teens the same opportunity. She truly has experienced the healing power of Jesus, and knows how it can meet them in so many ways!

Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down;

For the Lord upholds him with His hand.

Psalm 37:24

The verse Coreen has clung to

The Podcast interview

I met these sweet ladies in my Bible Study last year. I knew I wanted to have them on the Podcast! Especially once I learned of Coreen’s journey! As you listen you’ll see such a beautiful picture of hope! Found through serving the body of Christ and friendship when you least expect it. I know you will enjoy this mother’s journey of loss how she found hope in Jesus!

Janie talked about John 5:17 :

But Jesus answered them, “My Father has been working until now, and I have been working.”

This has been giving her motivation to keep partnering with Jesus in the work He is doing! Hope it does the same for you too!


If you have any questions or need prayer you can get in touch with Coreen

We talked about Cammie Velci and you can reach her Here

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Moving to a new city? Check out the book Janie recommended:

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